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    Wireless Workbench 6 Communications with ULXD and Axient
    Topic posted January 2, 2014 by Douglas TotelNovice, tagged WWB, WWB 6.8.1 in Wireless Workbench > All Questions & Answers Topics public
    Wireless Workbench 6 Communications with ULXD and Axient
    Personal Computer:
    PC, Windows 7 or 8
    Shure Hardware:
    ULXD4, ULXD4D, and ULXD4Q Receivers; Axient AXT400 Receiver and AXT600 Spectrum Manager, AXT610 Showlink Access point, AXT630 Antenna Distribution System, AXT900 Rack Charging Station

    Wireless Workbench 6 Communications Information

    Applicable Equipment:  ULXD and Axient Wireless Products

    Wireless Workbench requires multicasting be enabled to be able communicate with ULXD and Axient wireless products.  The communications uses the “ACN” (Architecture for Control Networks) protocol.  Wireless Workbench software uses this protocol for finding and communicating with the receivers. 

    If communications anomalies are being experienced, especially where the ULXD receivers and the computer hosting Wireless Workbench 6 are connected to a corporate managed switch, it is likely that the switch is configured to block some or all multicast traffic.  Here is the information that is needed to open up a managed switch.

     The ACN (Architecture for Control Networks) protocol uses the following multicast addresses:, SLP multicast address, supplemental SLP discovery

    239.192.x.x – 239.195.x.x  (Netmask, SDT session, dynamically generated based on host IP and MAC address.

    Ethernet switches that are not managed will normally pass multicast traffic without any issues.   

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