• Fips Hohenecker
    zip-package is not compatible with my software?!1
    Topic posted January 20, 2013 by Fips HoheneckerNovice in Wireless Workbench > All Questions & Answers Topics public
    zip-package is not compatible with my software?!
    Hello Admin,

    I've got the newest MBP 15" model with Mac OS X.8.2 on it - fresh from the factory and I couldn't install your Shure Wireless Workbench 6, cause the zip-package is not compatible with my software ?!

    Are there any solutions ?

    thx great.
  • Lisa
    zone changing to default
    Topic posted June 9, 2013 by LisaCompetent in Wireless Workbench > All Bug Topics public
    zone changing to default

    I recently preprogrammed my gear with WWB 6.61.13. I assigned the equipment to 2 zones. At the shop I hooked up all the gear to the network.

    The zone information reverted to "default" when I dragged and dropped the previously programmed equipment onto the existing equipment, even though I click the button "Keep all settings from Wireless Workbench". This happened with the UHF-R equipment. The ULXD equipment kept the correct (previously programmed) zone settings.

    I had to go back through the UHF-R equipment to reset the zone information.

    Later, onsite, twice I connected the Shure equipment to the network, loaded the saved show file and some of the UHF-R (not all) reverted to the "default" zone and had lost the color code I had given it. I received no notification indicating anything had changed. I again simply reset the zone info and changed the color code. The frequency information did not change.

    I've attached the show file... never mind it's too big.

  • jchristie
    Zone hangers-On4
    Topic posted June 21, 2012 by jchristieProficient in Wireless Workbench > All Bug Topics public
    Zone hangers-On
    I have a small issue with the "New" show file options.

    When you load a show file, the zones from that show file remain and are not cleared when you open or create a new show file.

    And should you save the 2nd show file ... your original zones are now added to the new showfile.

    I would consider the New menu option to be a request for a clean slate. Instead I am forced to close the software before opening up another show file or creating something fresh.

    Pls fix.
    File 1:
  • pauldab
    Zone setup without spectrum managers2
    Topic posted May 16, 2012 by pauldabNovice in Wireless Workbench > All Questions & Answers Topics public
    Zone setup without spectrum managers
    Hi all,

    I am trying out WWB6 in a very large convention centre. We have a lot of UHF-R gear (56 UR4D receivers installed) that literally fills up 3 of the bands completely.

    I'd love to try and use the zone setup to allow greater flexibility for visiting shows who turn up with anything, but have had to resort to running a copy of WWB6 offline so I can use different showfiles as pseudo zones. I know that there is sufficient structual separation between building areas.

    I can't find a way to calculate new frequencies by excluding zones when in online mode without any spectrum managers online (we don't have any Axient gear yet).

    Does anyone have a suggestion that can help out with repspect to this?
  • Daniel Kee
    Zone upgade2
    Topic posted July 3, 2014 by Daniel KeeNovice in Wireless Workbench > All Questions & Answers Topics public
    Zone upgade

    Hi All,

    You can set zones thats great. The relationship between zones are different on every job. Wouldn't it be nice when you use multiple AXT600 (one in every zone) in a network so WWB can measure the relationship and react/ calculate with this info.



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