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    WWB6 Translation Beta - now available!
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    WWB6 Translation Beta - now available!

    A translated version of WWB6 is now available for public beta!  This updated version now supports the following languages:

    • Simplified Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • French
    • Brazilian (Portuguese)
    • Russian
    • English

    For more information or to download this beta version, log in to the forum and go to the WWB6 Translations Beta page.

  • Sam Drazin
    Wireless Workbench 6 - Quick Start Guide33.0
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    Wireless Workbench 6 - Quick Start Guide

    New to Wireless Workbench 6?  Need some assistance networking your Shure devices?


    Check out the Wireless Workbench 6 Quick Start Guide! (updated for version 6.12)


    This document will walk through the essential steps to get you up and running with WWB6 and your Shure wireless system, including:

    • Downloading the software
    • Configuring your network and computer to connect to devices
    • Performing RF Scan
    • Performing basic Frequency Coordination
    • Deploying frequencies to channels


    Want to see additional topics covered in this guide?  Let us know in the comments below.

  • Gino Sigismondi
    PLEASE READ!!! Support options for other Shure products15.0
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    PLEASE READ!!! Support options for other Shure products

    Note that the Microflex Wireless forum is for discussions related to the Microflex Wireless (MXW) product line only. In order to provide the best experience for MXW users, please refrain from posting topics regarding other Shure products. For questions or assistance, we have the following support options:

    1. Visit our interactive FAQ at This searchable interface houses answers to thousands of previously asked questions across the entire Shure product line.

    2. If you can't find a solution in the FAQ, submit an inquiry here. Inquiries are typically answered within 24 hours. 

    3. Call our Applications Engineering team at 800-516-2525, option 1, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Central time. 

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    Shure Applications Engineering scan file collection5.0
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    Shure Applications Engineering scan file collection

    FYI: Shure Applications Engineering has already begun collecting scan files from Shure Wireless users around the world. Find those scans here:

  • Gino Sigismondi
    MXW Configuration Tool
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    MXW Configuration Tool
    Personal Computer:
    Apple Macbook Pro 15-inch, OSX 10.7.5, 64 bit, Wired Ethernet

    Hi everyone,

    Brian Christ, from our rep firm Audio Biz, created this handy spreadsheet for configuring an MXW system. Simply tell it how many of each type of mic you need, answer a few simple questions, and it gives you a complete parts list with MSRP. 

    Please note: the output of this spreadsheet is not guaranteed by Shure or Audio Biz, but is provided for convenience only. Always double-check the results, and if you have any questions, please contact Systems Support at 847-600-8541 or 

  • Sam Drazin
    Wireless Workbench 6 Support Options2.0
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    Wireless Workbench 6 Support Options

    Shure has several support options available to users of Wireless Workbench 6. Posting to this forum is the preferred method, since other WWB6 users may benefit from the answers to your questions.

    1. Post your question to this forum. Shure has several qualified individuals monitoring this forum. Response from a Shure representative can be expected within 48 hours.
    2. Phone support. For more immediate assistance, please contact your region-specific support group as specified below:
    3. Web. Search "Wireless Workbench 6" at
  • exit143
    ULX-D RF Problems1
    Topic posted November 15, 2014 by exit143Novice in Wireless Workbench > All Questions & Answers Topics public
    ULX-D RF Problems

    Hey guys,

    Sorry that this is posted here... it seemed like the most appropriate place.

    This one is stumping me... I was called in to help a local university get their wireless mics situated. I've dealt with RF stuff before, but only on a much smaller level.

    They have four ULX-D Quads, one ULX-D Dual, and two ULX-D single channel mics. The quads and the dual are both on L50, the singles are on G50. The singles are using their stock antennas.

    Two of the Quads are sharing two paddle antennas. Two of the other Quads plus a Dual is sharing two other paddle antennas. All the systems are networked together.

    Here's the problem. We did a group scan, and found an open group that had 67 available frequencies and set all of the microphones to those frequencies. The RF bars came up at 4 bars like they're supposed to.

    Then the actors showed up and put the mics on, and the mics drop down to one or sometimes zero bars on the RF meter. We've changed frequencies, and the lights all just keep bouncing...

    The stage is about 60 feet from the antennas, so there's no reason why these should be dropping out like they are. We changed all the mics to transmit at 20mw, even though they shouldn't need to. It helped, but the RF keeps dropping.

    Do you guys have ANY idea what could be causing this??

    Here's a Youtube link showing this in action:


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    Get Adobe Flash player

  • sharktooth
    Ability to change range after adding a device1
    Topic posted September 17, 2017 by sharktoothCompetent in Wireless Workbench > All Feature Request Topics public
    Ability to change range after adding a device

    Hi guys,

    I would find this feature interesting so that we could prepare our session and would be able to adapt it according to the gear provided by the company; instead of deleting them and redo the work (naming, zone, incl grp, colors...).

    Thanks for reading.


  • Sam Drazin
    Firmware Update UHF-R24
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    Firmware Update UHF-R


    In order for Wireless Workbench 6 to work with UHF-R wireless receivers, the firmware of those devices must be updated to firmware version 1.166 or later. The following article will explain how to firmware upgrade UHF-R receivers.

    Related Links

    Check UR4 Current Firmware Version

    To check which version of firmware your UHF-R receiver is currently running, power-cycle the rack device, and pay attention to the front panel display as it boots up. The installed version of firmware will be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of each display. If the version is 1.166 or later, your receiver is compatible to operate with Wireless Workbench 6.

    Updating Firmware

    If your receivers are on a version of firmware earlier than 1.166, they will need to be updated in order to be discovered and controlled by Wireless Workbench 6.

    In order to upgrade the firmware for UHF-R receivers, you can now use the Shure Update Utility (v2.0.2 or later). Follow the steps listed out below to complete the firmware upgrade.


    1. If you do not have the Shure Update Utility, you can download it here.

    2. Power on your UHF-R receivers. Connect your network of receivers to your computer, and launch the Shure Update Utility.

    Note: UHF-R receivers will not appear as online devices within Wireless Workbench while the Shure Update Utility is running.  Once the Shure Update Utility is closed, the UHF-R devices will reappear as online devices in Wireless Workbench 6.

    3. Select "Check for Updates".

    4. Download any available updates.

    5. Once the downloads have completed, select the "Update Devices" tab and ensure that your UHF-R receivers are discovered.

    6. For each UHF-R receiver to be updated, select the checkbox on the far right of it's row, and then select the desired version to install in the "Version to Install" column.

    7. To begin the firmware update, select "Send Updates".

    Do not power off or disconnect your device from the network while the firmware update is in process.

    8. Once the update has been sent, your device will reboot.  The Shure Update Utility will wait for the receivers to be rediscovered and verify that the sent firmware was properly installed.



    The UHF-R transmitters were designed to be forwards compatible with newer versions of UHF-R receiver firmware. It will likely not be necessary to upgrade the firmware of your UHF-R transmitters. NOTE: this implies that differing firmware versions between UHF-R transmitters and receivers is an acceptable mis-match of firmware versioning.

    If you have any questions, please contact Shure Service and Repairs.

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    MXW linking one mic to two different APTs
    Topic posted November 28, 2016 by mihau89Beginner in Microflex Wireless > All Questions & Answers Topics public
    MXW linking one mic to two different APTs

    Hi all!

    I would like to know how to configure the MXW microphones to link one of them to two different APTs. This kind of solution will be used to extend the coverage of the MXW system, and I would like to let the speaker roam freely between APTs. Can I link the microphone through NCS to cone APT and later do the same thing with another APT? 

    Just to be clear, I don't want to make a spare microphone. I need one mic to be connected with two APTs.





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