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    Frederik Rosenkjær
    ULXD firmware 1.4.8 - where to find?
    Topic posted January 16, 2014 by Frederik RosenkjærNovice, tagged WWB 6.8.1 
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    ULXD firmware 1.4.8 - where to find?
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    The version history page on the website says that the latest ULXD4Q firmware is 1.4.8 (released in either december or september, depending on whether the site is using the mildly retarded European date format, or the rabidly insane US one) but Wireless Workbench 6 Beta only finds v.1.3.6?

    Where/how can I find v1.4.8?



    • hautzir

      Hi Frederik,

      The WWB6 is meanwhile not more in BETA status. There is a WWB6.9 version available meanwhile without a BETA tag on it.

      With these non-BETA version ongoing the firmware updates will be performed with the `Shure Update Utility`.

      If you download the latest Shure Update Utility, you will even find version 1.4.14 in it for upgrade.

      Best, Ron


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