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    steve reynaga
    PSM 200 bodypack problem
    Topic posted January 15, 2016 by steve reynagaNovice 
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    PSM 200 bodypack problem

    so i recently purchased a psm 200 bodypack on, popped in a new 9V battery and tried it out at band practice everything seemed to sound fine, not to mention my bodypack was connected to the drummers transmixer on channel 1 (practiced for a good hour or so) a few days later we had a gig and everything seemed to work fine (again i was connected to the drummers transmixer so there was 2 bodypacks connected in one transmixer on channel 1)  and then maybe 20 minutes within the gig i started getting a popping/distortion sound and thought it was the battery so i ended up turning it off and finishing the gig with no in ear monitor. on new years we had another gig so i popped in a new battery and then the same thing happened. so my question is my bodypack maybe broken or are transmixers not meant to run 2 bodypacks at once?? PLEASE SOME HELP ME!!! 





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