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    Inventory Report PDF layout
    Topic posted September 15, 2015 by SapnaNovice 
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    Inventory Report PDF layout
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    Macbook Pro 2010, OSX Mavericks


    I know this isn't that major an issue but is there a chance the report can be laid out a bit better so it's easier to read? It looks fine when you go to create the report but when you open the PDF everything is on 2 lines. For example the frequency number is on one line and MHz is below it. I don't know if its just my viewer but a few other people have said the same thing to me. I have tried to include a screen shot so you can see what I mean. 





    • hautzir

      Hi there and thanks for your post.

      I think that this problem only occurs in a combination of several settings and operating systems. Are you using a Mac? If yes, which one? Any specific setting you assigned for the report? What parameters do you display there? Looking at the screenshot there seems not to be a lot of parameters you want to get displayed in the PDF.



    • Anonymousposted November 4, 2016
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