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    Sam Drazin
    Firmware Update UHF-R
    Topic posted November 8, 2011 by Sam DrazinExpert, last edited February 13, 2014, tagged how-to 
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    Firmware Update UHF-R


    In order for Wireless Workbench 6 to work with UHF-R wireless receivers, the firmware of those devices must be updated to firmware version 1.166 or later. The following article will explain how to firmware upgrade UHF-R receivers.

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    Check UR4 Current Firmware Version

    To check which version of firmware your UHF-R receiver is currently running, power-cycle the rack device, and pay attention to the front panel display as it boots up. The installed version of firmware will be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of each display. If the version is 1.166 or later, your receiver is compatible to operate with Wireless Workbench 6.

    Updating Firmware

    If your receivers are on a version of firmware earlier than 1.166, they will need to be updated in order to be discovered and controlled by Wireless Workbench 6.

    In order to upgrade the firmware for UHF-R receivers, you can now use the Shure Update Utility (v2.0.2 or later). Follow the steps listed out below to complete the firmware upgrade.


    1. If you do not have the Shure Update Utility, you can download it here.

    2. Power on your UHF-R receivers. Connect your network of receivers to your computer, and launch the Shure Update Utility.

    Note: UHF-R receivers will not appear as online devices within Wireless Workbench while the Shure Update Utility is running.  Once the Shure Update Utility is closed, the UHF-R devices will reappear as online devices in Wireless Workbench 6.

    3. Select "Check for Updates".

    4. Download any available updates.

    5. Once the downloads have completed, select the "Update Devices" tab and ensure that your UHF-R receivers are discovered.

    6. For each UHF-R receiver to be updated, select the checkbox on the far right of it's row, and then select the desired version to install in the "Version to Install" column.

    7. To begin the firmware update, select "Send Updates".

    Do not power off or disconnect your device from the network while the firmware update is in process.

    8. Once the update has been sent, your device will reboot.  The Shure Update Utility will wait for the receivers to be rediscovered and verify that the sent firmware was properly installed.



    The UHF-R transmitters were designed to be forwards compatible with newer versions of UHF-R receiver firmware. It will likely not be necessary to upgrade the firmware of your UHF-R transmitters. NOTE: this implies that differing firmware versions between UHF-R transmitters and receivers is an acceptable mis-match of firmware versioning.

    If you have any questions, please contact Shure Service and Repairs.


    • mihau89
      I can tell you that it is possible to update your firmware with Lion or Mountain Lion.

      The main problem that I've had is that I couldn't turn on Configure ethernet connection from upper bar.

      Firstly - install WWB5 running in 32bit
      Secondly - use "configure ethernet connection" from WWB6. It's overriding your setup and allows you to see you UR4 devices in WWB5. I can't tell you which connection should you choose (en0, en1 etc) because I don't remember. Although I remeber that this solution works and I've done firmware update from my WWB5 on Lion and now I use my WWB6.

      I hope that's clear enough :)

      P.S It's funny that I wrote this answer to my earlier question. I didn't notice that I'm answering my own post. However this is solution I've found and I hope that it'll be helpful for you.
    • Gino Sigismondi
      Thanks for the suggestion! We've typically found that just because we don't "officially" support a particular OS, doesn't mean that it won't work at all. But, your mileage may vary. Some things work, others don't. It's certainly worth trying, but strange things may happen.
    • chrislifer1
      I have been having a similar issue where my UHF-R's show up on start up but then seem to go off line after about 15 seconds or when I open a saved show file. All my PSM1000's always show up and stay online. Using WWB6 with windows XP. Any insight would be appreciated.
    • Gino Sigismondi
      Be sure to check the firmware of your receivers. UR receivers need to be at least at version 1.166 to be compatible withe WWB6.

      Also, are you using static IPs or a DHCP server? Or are you just relying on fallback IP addressing? As noted earlier in the thread there was an issue with UR receivers and Windows PCs when using fallback IP addresses. Either updating to the latest version of WWB6 or using at DHCP router should take care of this issue.
    • Anonymousposted September 9, 2017
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