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    Sam Drazin
    Configuring IR Presets
    Topic posted November 7, 2011 by Sam DrazinExpert, last edited December 6, 2013 by AdminProficient, tagged how-to 
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    Configuring IR Presets


    IR Presets allow you to configure transmitter parameters to be set for Axient and UHF-R transmitters. The parameter values will be pushed when you IR sync the transmitter with the receiver that you configured the IR Presets.

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    Open the receiver's Properties Panel


    Right-click on an AXT400 or UR4D/UR4S receiver in the Inventory view and select "Properties"_" to access the receiver's properties panel.

    Access the IR Presets menu


    Expand the "Settings" section, and switch to the "Tx" tab. Within this area, you can access the IR Presets menu by selecting the "IR Presets" button.

    Configure IR Presets


    Each drop-down represents a value-set of a parameter that can be pushed to the transmitter when one is IR synced. Change the setting for each parameter to the value you want any transmitter to adjust to when you sync it.

    By default, all parameters will be set to "No Change", which will leave that parameter of the transmitter on its current value.

    Press "Close" to save any changes made.

    Sync a transmitter

    The next time you sync a transmitter, confirm that the IR Presets you configured were pushed successfully to the device.



    • Timkruithof
      Can I setup more receivers at a time when entering IR preset?
    • hautzir
      Hi there,

      I am sorry but at this moment it is not doable to make a setting change to several units at the same time (same counts for IR presets).

      Nevertheless, we are aware of the request.




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