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    Randy Horenstein
    No scan from ATX-600
    Topic posted July 8, 2015 by Randy HorensteinNovice 
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    No scan from ATX-600
    Personal Computer:
    Toshiba Win7 Wired IP
    Shure Hardware:
    ATX-600 1.15.3
    6x ULX-D 1.6.7
    WWB6 6.11

    After Firmware update to the latest versions, using WWB6.11 (or WWB6.5x) the ATX scanner won't start from WWB.  WWB reports a "no scanner ID", or "scanner timeout".  I can start a scan from a receiver, but not from WWB.  I can manually start a scan at the ATX600.

    All other functions seem to be working normally.  The latest WWB worked fine before I updated the ATX firmware.  I've restarted everything with no change.  Should I revert back to the older firmware, and if so, what's the procedure for that?



    • Randy Horenstein

      More info:  Changing firmware to older version did not affect the problem.

      However, changing the network configuration so our Shure AXT-620 acts as the DHCP server rather than our network router DOES allow the computer to successfully request a scan from the AXT-600.

      Is there a port that needs to be open on my external router?

    • Dave Mendez


      There could be a variety of fixes for this depending on the actual cause.

      1) As you note, certain ports/protocols being blocked could have an affect such as this.  Here is the list of ports/protocols required for full WWB6 control communication as well as firmware updating:

      Port 21 (tcp): FTP (required for firmware updates, data exchange)

      Port 427 (tcp & udp): SLP (Required for Service Discovery)

      Port 64000 (tcp): Raw Socket (Required for Shure firmware update control)

      Port 68 (BOOTP/DHCP): IP Addressing

      Port 5568 (udp): SDT (Required for service control)

      Port 8427 (udp): Multicast SLP (required for service discovery)

      Everything else on my list, is related to either DANTE(which appears not to be an issue) or UHF-R communication with WWB6 (which you are not using).

      2) Double-check Windows Firewall settings as well as any program allowances on any virus detection/threat detection software (McAfee. Norton, Microsoft End Point Protection, etc.) and make certain that Wireless Workbench 6 is allowed through.  Blocks from these programs have caused the error message you mention in the past.

      3) Also, we have often suggested performing a power cycle of the AXT600 in addition to restarting WWB6.  Sometimes, if a scan was started manually on the hardware or was left to sweep and not shut down, the device still thinks it is scanning.  A power cycle and restart of the program have often cleared up the issue especially after fixing the above.

      Give those ideas a try and if you are still having issues, feel free to reach out to our support team via email at or, if in the US, call us at 847-600-8541 (Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pm Central Standard Time).  If outside the US, let us know where you are located and we can put you in touch with the appropriate support team for further troubleshooting.

      All the best,

      Dave Mendez

      Systems Support, Americas BU


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