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    issues importing .csv files from different scanners
    Topic posted October 19, 2012 by LisaCompetent 
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    issues importing .csv files from different scanners

    The day WB 6.5 was released I was able to import .csv files from my TTi scanner and my RF Explorer successfully. Today I tried to import a RF Explorer generated .csv and I get a message that says the file type is "corrupted". I have compared files from both scanners and I can't see what's different.

    I can't seem to attach the files here either. Give me an email address and I'll send them to you.

    Thanks for checking into this.




    • Lisa
      I upgraded the firmware on the RF explorer and now I can import the file. - Lisa
    • Sam Drazin
      Hi Lisa,

      I am curious about this RF Explorer scanning device, and the scans that it might have been generating that you couldn't upload (pre-firmware upgrade). Do you think you could send me some more information about this device, including:
      - Model Number of the device
      - Scan files, ideally the one before and after firmware upgrade if you still have them (to attach a file, select "More Reply Options" from the bottom of this post, and then select "Attach File"
      - Firmware version of the RF Explorer before upgrading (when the scan couldn't be uploaded into WWB) and after (when the scan could be uploaded into WWB)

      I am not very familiar with the RF Explorer device, have you used it for some time? I am interested in your take on it compared to the TTi scanners.

      Thanks again for your help and insight,
    • Lisa
      Hi Sam,

      The RF Explorer model was the RFEX-ISM. The firmware version was 1.10. The wierdest thing is that it was version 1.10 before and after I upgraded it. All I can think is that it wasn't upgraded properly the first time. It wasn't my scanner.

      I cannot attach the files. It says "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"

    • jcboarders
      Hello Sam,

      I've got a similar question regarding importing .csv files. I keep getting a corrupt warning. We are converting a PWS IAS file into a .csv file. Is there a protocol we need to follow?

      We're creating the .csv file by using excel.

      Let me know at your earliest convenience,

      Jeff Cayez
      Creative Technology
    • Gino Sigismondi
      Hi Jeff,

      Can you attach the file? If we could take a look at it, we might be able to tell you what's causing the error.

    • Sam Drazin
      There is a limitation in the CSV files that we can import: only CSV scans with an integer step size value in kHz can be handled by WWB (ie: the step size of your scan is something like 5 kHz, 25 kHz, or 100 kHz). Step sizes that have a resolution in the fractions of 1 kHz (12.5 kHz, 6.25 kHz, etc) are not currently supported.

      If you can set your scanning device to utilize a step size that is an integer value in kHz (and have data that lies within the UHF range that WWB supports, 470-952 MHz), those files should work just fine.
    • Laveglia
      On a somewhat related topic... Is it possible to export a CSV file from scans done on an AXT600 scanner. Our RF coordinator likes to use his IAS software. I didn't see that option in the "save scans" section of WWB6.

      Thanks... Dan
    • Gino Sigismondi
      Hi Dan,

      As of today, it is not yet possible to export scans captured in WWB as a CSV file.
    • powe4013

      Dear Sam,

      Thank you for your insightfull and valuable contributions here.

      I too have an RF Explorer model RFEXP-ISM. Its most beautiful feature is its price. I work for a public high school district that has five performing arts centers with nearly seventy SLX-G5 and ULX-J1 systems installed, along with ALS and wireless production intercoms. I use the RF Explorer with Wireless Workbench to check for changes in the RF environtment prior to each major production. The District could buy five RF Explorers for the price of one WinRadio. That's pretty compelling.

      My workflow up to this point is to perform a long-term scan, and then manually adjust the "TV CHANNELS" and "ADDITIONAL EXCLUSION" based upon the scan reports. It sure would be nice to simply import the CVS from RF Explorer.

      The exported RF Explorer CSV files contain non-integer frequencies in Mhz.

      Here's the crux. Even after converting RF Explorer's non-integer MHz frequencies into integers in kHz , Wireless Workbench still won't import the CSV file.

      Any suggestions?



      Here's my rig:

      • Windows 7 Pro, SP1
      • Wireless Workbench
      • RF Explorer Firmware v1.11
      • RF Explorer Windows Client v.1.11.1311

      RF Exlporer[attachment=119:RFExplorer_Client_Data_2013_11_22_13_10_31.csv]

    • sharktooth

      Hi Bob,

      I use RF Explorer as well and have no problem to import .csv files.

      Be sure to have a decimal range on your device (I mean 550-650MHz for example, instead of 554-590MHz like in your file).

      Also comparing your file with one of mines, I notice that you don't have the point standing for MHz on the left column. While you have 554000, I have 554.000 .

      Hope this helps


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