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    Add Tags in Add Device Dialog
    Topic posted March 27, 2012 by Liam135dbCompetent 
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    Add Tags in Add Device Dialog
    Hi All,
    I have started a coordination for a festival and would like to add tags for each,
    Would it be possible to add a box to the add devices dialog to save haviing to add the devices then go back and tag them?

    Many Thanks



    • hautzir
      Hi Liam,

      I am not really sure if I really understood what you mean. You want to add a box to the "Add Devices" window? What use should this box exactly have?


    • Nick Wood
      I think I get your request, that would be efficient for adding a number of channels with the same tag.

      Possibly of some help is the fact that you can multi-select channels in the Inventory and get to the Tags with the right-click or option menu. If you hold Control or Shift in Windows and select rows in Inventory you can highlight a bunch of them. Then select Tags from the right-click menu and you can set a Tag for all selected.


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