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    Loren Aguey
    Does Workbench automatically pick best frequencies?
    Topic posted January 29, 2015 by Loren AgueyNovice 
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    Does Workbench automatically pick best frequencies?
    Personal Computer:
    Macbook Pro 2013 OSX 10.10.1
    Shure Hardware:
    UHF-R H3 Band

    After doing a scan and having it calculate frequencies I noticed that it picked certain frequencies that, although below the threshold, had considerably more activity than nearby areas. Is there anything else going on in the frequency calculations besides just choosing anything below the threshold? After manually changing what WB picked I was able to get remove any little blips that showed up on the receivers RF meter while transmitters were off. See attached screen shot for examples of WB choosing frequencies that seem busier than than stuff nearby. 





    • sharktooth

      Hi Loren,

      the coordination doesn't take in consideration what's under the threshold, dropping it by 2 dB or so would probably help you getting rid of this RF noise.

    • Dave Mendez


      As you have probably guessed, the program will consider any frequency where the scan information lies below the moveable exclusion threshold to be a usable frequency for calculation purposes.  The program will then attempt to come up with a compatible set of frequencies from the total set of "usable" frequencies using a somewhat random iterative process (also factoring in a number of oner variables such as channel-to-channel spacing, IMD spacing, distance from active TV, exclusions, inclusions, etc.).

      In your situation pictured, it seems that the RF noise floor at this event is quite high and that some of the pictured gaps in this noise floor may be partially due to the lower resolution scan provided by the UHF-R receivers.  Note that dragging the exclusion threshold lower may allow the program to place frequencies in what appear to be cleaner areas BUT there are also far fewer of these spaces which means lowering the exclusion threshold may make it too difficult to find enough frequencies....although since you only need 4, that may be fine.

      This high noise floor may be due to antennas located near video walls or possibly due to over amplification from the antenna amplifiers and/or inline amplifiers.  Also, do you have any other scanners which are compatible with WWB6 (PSM1000, ULXD, QLXD, AXT600) to compare to see if some of this noise floor is due to the scanner resolution/receiver sensitivity or UHF-R or indeed an external factor?




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