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    Danny Cameron
    Multiple theatres - loading show file as an Exclusion
    Topic posted September 11, 2014 by Danny CameronNovice 
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    Multiple theatres - loading show file as an Exclusion
    Shure Hardware:
    Shure Axient AXT600

    Hi there,

    I have 8x theatres running concurrently, and I am looking for the easy shortcut for loading an existing show's frequencies (show file) as an Exclusion file (.fxl) for another theatre's frequency calculation.

    Currently we calculate our required freqs by adding devices, then loading our Exclusion files for our set frequencies like two-ways and permanent installs. I am then manually adding a new row for each frequency I have previously calculated for use in adjoining theatres, because I can't import a show file into Exclusions as .fxl.

    Is there an Export step that I am missing to make a current Show file calculation exportable as an .fxl?




    • Sam Drazin

      Hi Danny,

      Thanks for posting your question.  If I understand correctly, the ultimate goal is: to have WWB6 avoid the frequencies that are stored within an existing show file.  If that is case, I understand why you'd want to "import that Show File's frequencies as an Exclusions file (.fxl)", but there is an easier method that will yield the same result.

      I would recommend exporting the Inventory of the existing show file and importing it into the new show file.  This would load the channels from the inventory of the existing show file (complete with specific models, channel names, frequencies, etc) into the new one.  After that, you would want to ensure that WWB6 locks those imported frequencies to their current values, ensuring that all other coordinated frequencies avoid them (as they would with exclusions).

      The steps to do this would be:

      1. Open existing show file
      2. Ensure that the inventory contains only the channels you want to "export" as exclusions
      3. Select File > Export > Inventory... and save the file
      4. Open/create the new show file
      5. Select File > Import > Inventory... and select the file you saved.
      6. Once opened, the inventory from the old show file will be imported.
      7. Go to the Frequency Coordination tab, and select "Manage Channels"
      8. Uncheck all channels that were imported from the existing show file (to lock them to their current frequency)
      9. Proceed with adding/coordinating frequencies

      Functionally, WWB6 avoids unchecked channels in the inventory in the same manner that it would with exclusions.  The only difference is that exclusions are not visible in the Inventory.

      This workaround may not be exactly what you were looking for, but if I interpreted your need accurately, I think this should functionally fit the bill. Let me know if you have any other questions, and/or if things work out.



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