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    Access control levels needed
    Topic posted July 12, 2012 by austinfNovice 
    Access control levels needed
    Dear Shure,

    With the advent of showlink, we have some amazing new features. However, this brings new dangers. I've given my A2 a laptop, and he is able to monitor frequencies, manage microphones, view battery levels, etc on the fly.
    However, the amount of power within showlink posed some dangers. With the old networking systems, there wasn't much danger of someone messing things up too bad, but now an A2 has the ability to bring the whole show down with some accidental keystrokes.
    Many manufacturers offer control levels on their products, I know Axient is different as they use multiple devices, thus a lack of unified access code, but the ability to lock out certain features with certain access levels would br very useful
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