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    time based frequency management
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    time based frequency management
    It would be great if we could have set a time when the transmitter would be turned on and off.

    This would be great for multiple band festivals where one person co-ordinates the rf, they could then do their co-ordination for each band at specific time that they would be on stage.

    As far as I know, there is no commercial software that has this feature, but it would make life so much easier.

    There is a workaround at the moment using Zones, one for each time slot, but they cannot overlap.




    • hautzir
      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for this proposal. I like this idea. I believe that this would really help when doing the frequency coordination for several festivals.

    • Sam Drazin
      The only hard part would be getting wireless microphone users to actually turn off their transmitters! Pessimism aside, the idea of engaged/disengaged transmitter management in the time domain is a great idea. Thanks for sharing, Daniel!
    • tweeter103
      And it is not only festivals... Consider also broadcast awards shows such as the Oscars, most acts are only on stage for one or two numbers, and then rapidly ushered to a dressing room or back to their seats. Even allowing for a slow recovery/turn off of the mic when they come off stage, this would still make a real difference to the number of frequencies possible, in this world of ever diminishing spectrum.

      In much the same way as zones, many frequencies would be unique, but no need to consider intermod between those on stage and those in the dressing room.
    • Liam135db
      The other option that might be easier to implement into the existing programming, that would allow this functionality, would be to allow allocation to multiple zones.
      e.g. This would allow you to use a seperate zone for each band, with the presenter mics allocated to all zones, as they would be in use throughout the event.
      You could then include each band in the "zone" for the bands immediately preceding each other on the lineup, allowing a coordination that would allow each band to fire up during the band before for testing etc.
    • Liam135db
      another way of doing this could be;
      in channel management, there could be an "active" check box which would allow the coordination to treat that frequency as deactivated. This could then be selected according to Tags or zones much like most of the other features in channel management.
      Done in this manner, would still allow the zones to be used for multiple stages/rooms
    • roba
      First post here - used WWB6 to co-ordinate a few multi-stage festivals over the summer, and gotta say that it's excellent!

      Like the idea of assigning transmitters to multiple zones, anyway - on occasion we have to deal with devices that roam all over festival sites. An alternative feature would be a 'Master' zone whose members are automatically included in every individual zone.

      Before I read this topic, though, my request was gonna be for RF mute groups. I see these working on two levels - in coordination they'd allow devices within a zone to be disregarded during an analysis, as Liam suggests above, and in system control they'd allow the RF of entire IEM systems to be muted/unmuted with one mouse click (I guess Axient mics can be RF-muted remotely, also?). This Group approach would maintain the use of Zones for physically separated areas, but allow for time separation also.

      I did just have in mind that Groups would be manually muted/unmuted for each coordination analysis, but Daniel's request brings a nicer idea to mind - that each Group could be assigned a time period when it was live, and the software would do the hard work of coordinating all the various permutations throughout the event. The ability to bring up a timeline showing all the Zones and the Groups within them, and drag the start and end times of each Group would be great. (Would also be useful to be able to cut or copy a Group from one Zone and paste it into another - we often move whole RF racks between stages at festivals.)
    • glasstronomic
      An alternative feature would be a 'Master' zone whose members are automatically included in every individual zone.


      This would be very useful in many situations!
    • hautzir
      I beieve that the master zone feature is a good thing in general whereas it should be considered that setting a timeline could be problematic as we all know that in reality artists often start later than expected and finish later than expected. Worst case would be that a Tx on tage is muted because according the timeline the next artists should already be on stage. Furthermore, the feature would make sure that only Axient and IEMs are used as UHF-R Txs can't be RF muted remotely. Using the feature in a wrong way could really end up in a catastrophy.
    • roba
      Sorry, should've been clearer about the timeline - I suggest this as an aid to frequency planning only, definitely not for control automation! Although stage managers would probably welcome the facility of automatically muting a band if they over-ran their set time ;)


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