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    Not Seeing All Devices In WWB6
    Topic posted November 3, 2014 by rhelmholzNovice 
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    Not Seeing All Devices In WWB6

    I have 6 UHF-R on my network, I have an older version of WWB6 on one computer that can see all but 1 UHF-R. I have two other computers running the most recent version of WWB6 and can only see 2 of the units. I can ping the one unit that none of the computers see. Any thoughts on what can be causing this issue?



    • Sam Drazin

      Hi, I have a few questions, and some suggestions you might try to remedy the issue.

      • How are you networking all of your UHF-R receivers together?
        • I would recommend using a switch or router, connecting each UHF-R (as well as your computer) with a direct ethernet connection to it.  This is both a sound networking topology, and will help debug any further issues (like faulty cables, etc).
      • What firmware version is each of your UHF-R receivers running?
        • You can view this on the boot-up screen of the receiver
        • If any of the devices are running versions earlier than 1.166, they are incompatible with WWB6, and need to be updated to be discoverable by the application.  Also, the latest UHF-R firmware (1.171) addresses some networking stability issues for UHF-R when in use with WWB6, so I would recommend updating to that version.
        • The Shure Update Utility is a free utility that updates Shure firmware and software.  Here's a tutorial video describing how to get up and running with it.
      • What firewall settings/applications do you have enabled on your computer?
        • Which OS are you running?  
        • Do you have any third-party security software?
        • In general, we recommend disabling firewall software, or being sure that the executable applications within WWB6 are explicitly allowed network access. 

      I hope this info helps.  Let us know if we can do anything else to get to the bottom of this issue.



    • rhelmholz

      Sam thanks for your response. Firmware was the issue. I can now see all devices on all computers. Thanks again.

    • rqflanagan

      I am having a similar issue.  I am using 1 ULX4D receiver and 5 UR4D receivers.  Day 1 networked everything together, hard line to gigabit switch, with static ip's all around.  I was able to scan and deploy freq's to units, and even monitor activity on each channel.  Day 2 WWB can only find the ULX in inventory, but not the UHF-R.  Also when I monitor the ULX channels workbench doesn't show rf and audio activity.  I have updated all to the most current firmware versions through the update utility, which found all units fine. I also updated WWB software to most recent version.  The only thing that changed from one day to the next is that I packed up my laptop and went back to my hotel room to check emails.  I am pretty sure I have set my firewall correctly to allow workbench network access.  Any ideas?


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