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    TV station search defaults
    Topic posted November 23, 2011 by jmackBeginner, last edited November 23, 2011 
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    TV station search defaults
    Hi Guys
    On behalf of the metric population of the world I wish to request a change to the TV channels search window such that the search radius does not always default to miles. We can set the default country in coordination preferences now, which is awesome. Big improvement on WWB5. However it is a minor annoyance to always have to change the search radium units from miles to kilometres.

    Ideally I would like to see default units and default radius available under coordination preferences as I find the current default of 50 miles / 80 km too large for most applications.

    BTW; according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, around 95% of the world use the metric system

    So maybe we should put it to a vote. ;)


    Jeff MacKenzie
    Jands AU




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