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    How many instances of WWB6 can be running and controlling...
    Topic posted July 25, 2013 by bmkrepelNovice 
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    How many instances of WWB6 can be running and controlling things on the network at one time?
    If all wireless transmitters (PSM), receivers, and the spectrum manager are networked together, how many instances of WWB6 can be on that network operating at one time? For when we have different people assigned to monitoring different parts of the system.



    • mihau89

      I tested this kind of setup ( I was monitoring UR receivers and someone else was monitoring PSM), I noticed that running more than one WWB6 can cause some WWB6 crashes. It seems that hardware stays unaffected, but "clicking" different buttons in WWB6, while someone else is doing the same thing, can hang your WWB6.

    • hautzir
      Thanks Michael.

      Using multiple laptops with one setup / network is a request we know of.

      Best, Ron


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