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    Importing a scan (CSV)
    Topic posted June 12, 2014 by pradaBeginner 
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    Importing a scan (CSV)

    It would be useful to import a scan from a RF analyzer such as TTI or RF Explorer into WWB6, and having it show on the frequency scan with a different color



    • sharktooth


      you can import a file from RF Explorer using Scan data files (but not straightly from hardware) and then modify the color by clicking on the little green square in the left part of the screen under Scan data when you're on the Frequency Coordination Tab.

      Hope this helps.


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    • prada

      Hi,  Thanks for replying, but I still can't import a CSV file into WW6 (from TTI's PSA1302). When I click on scan data files and select the CSV file, I get the error:  "This is the wrong type of file. Please select a valid file". Is there another way of doing this? please explain.





    • sharktooth


      I already had this problem, make sure you have the right separator (comma) and that your range is, If I remember, a multiple of 10. Also it should start with a round number: something like 100MHz wide from 500MHz to 600MHz.

    • steveratcliff

      Importing from a TTi PSA1302 currently requires some editing of the file.  I have found success through the following two step process:

      First, open the file in Text Edit (NOT Excel-Excel removes digit count) and delete any header information.  This is anything not related to frequency and amplitude. 

      Second, change the extension from .CSV to .csv.  Wireless Workbench seems to only accept files of type .csv and it does pay attention to capitalization.

      I haven't found anything related to actual frequency start, finish or intervals that will confuse WWB6.  The TTi PSA1302 performs a scan that saves 270 values regardless of the scan range.  

      Again, the .csv file needs to be only numbers and the numbers need to have the same number of decimal places or WWB will refuse the file. 





    • prada


      Thanks for the information,  a short time ago I tried my approach (not necessarily better)   I opened the csv file, copy the text into Excel, save as MS DOS document so WWB6 would open it. But then I noticed the levels were +20dB in WWB so I went back to Excel, put a formula to lower all dB values by 20dB and then import in WWB and now the levels are Fine. But Why do I have to do all this?  Are the +20dB levels a problem with the TTi? I will try to contact them on this issue.


      thanks, again



    • ungers


      Did you get anywhere with the relative levels of the TTI scan data in WWB?

      I found this yesterday but thought what I was seeing was the noisefloor of the TTI data being 20db higher based on the tx peaks being the same as a scan done within WWB?

      Also looking at the TTI screen I could just see the tips of some background digital TV Tx above the noisefloor which is clearly shown in the WWB data. TTI claim that the noisefloor should be better than -93dbm which would approach the shure scan so it may be something wrong with the setup I was using.

      I was going to investigate a bit more thoroughly in a few days as I really only had the opportunity for a quick look but thought i'd see if we were talking about the same issue.



    • prada


      No, I did not get why the levels are -20dBm, I know there is a setting on the TTI to choose 0 or -20 but with the 0 setting you can't hardly see any peaks on the display. I still haven't used the new version of WWB. As zoo as I get a chance I will try and post any interesting results



    • steveratcliff

      Dan and Alfredo,

      Check the firmware on your scanner. I was recently able to update my firmware and it solved the 20dB difference issue.  

      I have found the best settings for my usage is -20dB on the scanner.  With the new firmware, it shows up properly in WWB.  When you save a file with the new firmware the noise floor is around -97dBm give or take.  





    • ungers

      The 0 and -20 option is to set the reference level, and yes I agree -20 gives the best results.

      I was aware of a firmware update and I assume you are referring to the csv export as absolute or relative option or has there been another release?

      I thought I had exported a scan of each option but perhaps I didn't so i'll double check that.

      I did read something about having the right RBW setting to get the optimum noise floor soo might be worth double checking the setting for that too.



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