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    ULX-D RF Problems
    Topic posted November 15, 2014 by exit143Novice 
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    ULX-D RF Problems

    Hey guys,

    Sorry that this is posted here... it seemed like the most appropriate place.

    This one is stumping me... I was called in to help a local university get their wireless mics situated. I've dealt with RF stuff before, but only on a much smaller level.

    They have four ULX-D Quads, one ULX-D Dual, and two ULX-D single channel mics. The quads and the dual are both on L50, the singles are on G50. The singles are using their stock antennas.

    Two of the Quads are sharing two paddle antennas. Two of the other Quads plus a Dual is sharing two other paddle antennas. All the systems are networked together.

    Here's the problem. We did a group scan, and found an open group that had 67 available frequencies and set all of the microphones to those frequencies. The RF bars came up at 4 bars like they're supposed to.

    Then the actors showed up and put the mics on, and the mics drop down to one or sometimes zero bars on the RF meter. We've changed frequencies, and the lights all just keep bouncing...

    The stage is about 60 feet from the antennas, so there's no reason why these should be dropping out like they are. We changed all the mics to transmit at 20mw, even though they shouldn't need to. It helped, but the RF keeps dropping.

    Do you guys have ANY idea what could be causing this??

    Here's a Youtube link showing this in action:


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    • Gino Sigismondi


      There are several things that could be at issue here, but we're going to need to more details to really sort it out. The best thing for you to do is contact our Systems Support department at 847-600-8541. We are here from 8 AM to 4:30 PM, CST. 


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