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    Zaynoun Ghannaj
    how to use WWB6 with UHFR
    Topic posted June 27, 2014 by Zaynoun GhannajNovice, last edited June 27, 2014, tagged how-to 
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    how to use WWB6 with UHFR
    Personal Computer:
    Toshiba Tecra, operating on Windows 8.1 64-bits, with 6GB as system memory
    Shure Hardware:
    1x UHF-R

    i am aiming to use my UHF-R system (UR4D) to scan the spectrum in order to plan an SLX installation with the proper frequencies (Manual frequency planning). i used to do the same process with WWB5 and the systems works ok with my previous computer working on Windows 7. now i faced 2 obstacles:

    1- WWB 5 couldn't be installed on windows 8.1, and i failed to find on the internet any installation file for it. 

    2- by using WWB6, the UR4D was not discovered on the network:

    - the computer and the UR4D are both connected to same Router, in the same IP range. 

    - the ping result is 100%

    - I specified in network settings for WWB6 the correct network adapter to be used. 

    can anyone assist me to overcome these two obstacles? 

    Many Thanks 




    • hautzir

      Hi there,

      1. WWB5 is the older version of Wireless Workbench. With WWB6 Shure makes sure that it runs with the latest operating systems. Therefore it could be the case that your operating system is incompatible with WWB5.

      2. UR4x receivers need to be firmware upgraded to the latest version to make sure that they run on WWB6. You can make sure to do so by using the Shure Update uitility. There is no need to firmware upgrade the transmitters.




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