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    Backup Frequencies
    Topic posted December 19, 2012 by HidefpixCompetent 
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    Backup Frequencies
    If I run the coordination wizard from WWB6 and it finds primary and backup frequencies, when I deploy the frequencies to my ULXD receivers, are the backup frequencies also deployed somewhere? If so, how do I select one if I need it? I see the frequency list in the monitor section for each reciever in WWB6, but it looks like a standard spacing of all the available frequencies.



    • Gino Sigismondi
      After deployment, backup frequencies can viewed by clicking on "Frequency List" at the top of your screen. If you decide you would like to change one of your "active" frequencies to a "backup", you can enter it by clicking on the frequency for the desired receiver in the Inventory tab, and entering the frequency directly, or by selecting the receiver in the Monitor section, and changing it there. Note that once you change the receiver frequency, you will need to re-sync the corresponding transmitter.

      If you have an AXT600 Spectrum Manager, the backup list is also deployed to that device. The AXT600 will then monitor the "health" of those backups, so that when you need a backup frequency, you can check to make sure the one you choose is still currently clear.

      The frequency list in the Monitor section is purely a list of all the frequencies you can choose on the device. Again, you need to click "Frequency List" up at the top to see your list of calculated backups.
    • sharktooth
      I would like to know if there is a way to limit the number of backup frequencies calculated, so that it would take less time when looking for new frequencies.
      Any idea?
    • hautzir
      Hi Guillaume,

      When manually entering a device via 'Add new Device' you can choose the number of backup frequencies to be calculated in the bottom right corner of the window.


    • sharktooth
      Thanks Ron, and is there a way to do it afterward, once everything setup?
    • hautzir
      Hi Guillaume,

      I would delete the one that has been manually assigned and assign a new one with the corrected number of backup frequencies.

      That's the only work-around I know.

      Best, Ron
    • sharktooth
      All right, I'll go on this way then. Thanks again
    • shadlor
      I ran in to this problem on several large show files I created and didn't want to have to go back and delete and add a new device for each of the many many mics I had named and tuned etc. So I just exported my inventory to my desktop and then re-imported them in to a new blank show file.
      As far as I can tell, they all came back exactly the same but without their associated backup frequencies. I now have no backup frequencies to deal with and can add just the 1 or more at a time I want or need.
    • sharktooth
      nice shadlor, this seems to be the best workaround until then! thank you


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