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    carlos gutierrez
    Can't see spectrum graph within WWB6 while using Axient
    Topic posted May 9, 2014 by carlos gutierrezNovice 
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    Can't see spectrum graph within WWB6 while using Axient
    Personal Computer:
    Shure Hardware:
    PSM 1000's
    Axient Network unit
    Axient Spectrum analizer

    All up to date.

    I have everything networked up great.  But when I do a scan with the Axient Spectrum analyzer, the scanned visual graph does not show up on WWB6.  It just shows me the lines where the wireless units are siting in the spectrum.  No visual of the peaks and valleys on the spectrum graph.  Other than that the analyzer is scanning properly with the backups being calculated.  Just no visual of the spectrum scan on the WWB6 screen.



    • Gino Sigismondi


      This isn't something we've seen before. Are you starting the scan from within WWB6, or on the front panel of the spectrum manager? If you try to do a Frequency Plot on it's own, (not part of a coordination), does that work? What if you try to scan with one of the ULXD or UR4 receivers?




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