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    Joseph Deal
    Transmitter for SC4 receiver
    Topic posted May 27, 2015 by Joseph DealNovice 
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    Transmitter for SC4 receiver
    Shure Hardware:
    Shure SC4 Receiver MarcAD diversity
    Shure UC4-UB MarcAD diversity
    Shure SC4CK

    I have these three receivers with hand held microphones with transmitters installed into the microphone.  I would like to purchase a head set suitable for singers along with a transmitter that would match the frequency of the receivers I already have.  Is this possible?



    • Crispin Tapia

      I am sorry but this is no longer possible. All compatible transmitters have been discontinued for some time.

      Consider purchasing a headset system from the BLX or SLX wireless systems. For issues regarding legacy wireless systems, or for questions on our current lineup, call 1-800-516-2525, or email



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