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    Guthrie Saunders
    Connectivity issues while using internet over Wifi
    Topic posted August 25, 2014 by Guthrie SaundersNovice 
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    Connectivity issues while using internet over Wifi
    Personal Computer:
    MacBook Pro; Mavericks OSX 10.9.4; Wired Ethernet
    Shure Hardware:
    UHF-R (not sure of fimrware version, updated to most current version while on-site today)

    I'm having connectivity issues with Shure UHF-R units. I'm connected through a router and a switch using a wired ethernet connection. After I successfully updated firmware connecting was easy. However, if I also connected to a wifi network to use the internet I would lose connectivity to devices. I could re-open my show and the devices would show up again but within 5 minutes I would lose connectivity again. Turning wifi off would alleviate the issue. I tried setting the service order of my ports so that ethernet was first but then I was unable to connect to the internet. Not sure what the solution is. I was on a hotel's network that was set up for the conference I'm working. Perhaps the hotel's network is causing the problem? I had similar issue the other day with UHF-R's and another hotel's wireless network. I'm by no means a networking expert so maybe this is a simple problem?? I'm running the most current version of Workbench with all current device updates.




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