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    Daniel Kee
    Zone upgade
    Topic posted July 3, 2014 by Daniel KeeNovice 
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    Zone upgade

    Hi All,

    You can set zones thats great. The relationship between zones are different on every job. Wouldn't it be nice when you use multiple AXT600 (one in every zone) in a network so WWB can measure the relationship and react/ calculate with this info.



    (comments are to make things better for everybody)



    • hautzir

      Hi Daniel,

      The idea behind calculating with zones is to increase the number of compatible frequencies at larger events.

      What do you exactly mean by `the relationships between zones are different on every job`?

      Generally speaking the zones take care that transmitters from different zones don´t create intermodulations which makes the spectrum less difficult for further transmitters on air.

      You can assign Spectrum managers to zones:

      When a frequency list is deployed to a Spectrum Manager (AXT600), all networked Shure® devices (including UHF-R® receivers, Axient® receivers, and P10Ts) in that Spectrum Manager's zone will be put in its managed device list. Wireless Workbench sets the Spectrum Manager parameter of any AXT400 receivers in their respective zones accordingly.

      Note that in order to deploy a compatible frequency list to a Spectrum Manager for a given zone, that Spectrum Manager must be first assigned to that zone. This can be done on the Inventory tab by changing the Zone selection for a particular Spectrum Manager.




    • Daniel Kee

      Hi Ron,

      In a conferece center we have rooms and halls. The rooms are next to each other. Room 110 and 111 are in the same zone but room 110 and 114 are not the same zone. Room 113 and 114 are the same zone again. and so on.

      When they plan multiple rooms divided by curtains this hall is the same zone again. The next hall is the next zone. BUT the rooms at the out side are the same zone.

      For some job's we have more then 200 channels so it would be very helpfull when you plan a one day to see what one transmitter is doing in the next zone/room. Iff you can store this data WWB can calculate more safe freq.

      Two stages on the opposite sides. The handhelds are not the problem but the inears with a directional antenna to the other stage are. 




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