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    How to add in Sennheiser ew500's Generation 1
    Topic posted January 28, 2014 by clownplecoNovice, tagged how-to 
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    How to add in Sennheiser ew500's Generation 1

    We just purchase 2 new ULX wireless and I need to some frequency coordination.  My old Sennheiser EW500 generation 1's are not in the list, suggestions what to do?  I know they are bank/band A.  I tried using Gen 2, but that has more frequencies available then Gen 1.



    • Gino Sigismondi

      You can create your own custom systems using the Equipment Profiles dialog, Tools => Equipment Profiles.

      1. Select the Sennheiser, EW 500 G2, Band A as a starting point.

      2. Change the Model name. WWB prevents you from overwriting the pre-loaded Equipment Profiles by forcing you to change the name of one you are working on before you can save it. Perhaps just erase the "G2" from the EW 500 profile, or call it "G1" instead.

      3. Click the "Tuning" tab.

      4. Here you can either modify the start and stop frequencies and the step size, or if the system only allows you to choose from a specific set of frequencies, you can enter those here. Consult with Sennheiser if necessary to obtain a frequency chart for first generation EW500 equipment.

      5. Click Save. Your modified system will now appear in the Add New Device dialog box. 

      Hope that helps!


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