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    Adding Equipment Profiles
    Topic posted August 16, 2013 by runofthemillerBeginner 
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    Adding Equipment Profiles
    Hi All,

    We do quite a lot of work with Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3 in band GB - As such it'd be useful to add this as a profile to wwb, however, when I open up the equipment profile window, the save and delete buttons are "greyed out" and can't be used. I'd thought about exporting an existing profile, editing it in textedit and re-importing it, however the export option is also "greyed out". Although it is urgent, any advice or hints would be greatly appreciated.





    • hautzir
      Hi Tim,

      Please go to 'Tools', 'Equipment Profiles', choose 'Sennheiser', then 'EW 300 IEM G3', then any band you like and then you can go to the 'Tuning' tab below to change the frequency range to 606 - 648 MHz saving it afterwards under another name under 'Profile Details'.


    • runofthemiller
      Thanks Ron,

      That's brilliant and gets the system into wwb, however, is there a way to get the newly added GB range stored under Sennheiser (rather than my newly created Sennheiser GB brand).


    • Sam Drazin
      Hi Tim. I think I understand the issue you are describing; WWB will not let you save changes to a profile with the same Manufacturer and Model as an existing stock profile (one provided with the software).

      If from the Equipment Profiles dialog, you select {Sennheiser, EM 300 IEM G3, }, change the tuning bandwidth in the "Tuning" tab as Ron suggested, and then change the Model name in the "Profile Details" tab to something else, like "EM 300 IEM G3 - Custom", the save button should become enabled and you can save these changes.

      Then, from the Add new device dialog, you can add this custom equipment profile to your inventory.

      I hope this helps!
    • runofthemiller
      Cheers Sam - That does most of what I want.


    • screamlive
      Hi Sam,

      I did this for Shure UR4D units but it wont link them to the actual units on the network. The virtual units (custom profiles) appear as a set of different devices (offline) and it won't let me "drag and drop" to link them to the UR4D's online.
      In order to save the profile, I changed Manufacturer from SHURE to SHURE_ME. The only change I did from the stock was adding 5th and 7th harmonics to robust settings column.
      Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


    • hautzir
      Hello Tom,

      'Merging' devices is only doable if the hardware is the same as the offline created equipment as only then it can be guaranteed that settings made in offline set up is usable for the hardware.

      is there any reason why you changed the 'harmonics' settings?




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