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    Diogo Nunes Pereira
    Name changing in Inventory bug
    Topic posted February 9, 2014 by Diogo Nunes PereiraCompetent 
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    Name changing in Inventory bug
    Personal Computer:
    Dell M4800; Win7 64-bit SP1; WWB v6.9.0.45
    Shure Hardware:
    Axient, UHFR and PSM900 series

    Hi there,

    just to mention a small bug that I find a little annoying...

    While changing the name of the my units (UR4D's) in Inventory mode, when you jump from one unit to the next one using the TAB button, at sometimes the default name (Shure) gets selected and you can just start typing, on the next TAB the cursor goes to the end (after the 'e' in 'Shure') and you have to delete the default word before you start typing. And it goes like this as in a loop...

    I found that the odd ones get selected and the even ones don't; also that it seems to only happen with the even channel in dual-channel units. 

    I know this is probabiliy not a top priority thing to address, but it's just so you know. I've included a couple of screenshots to ilustrate what I'm talking about.

    Does anyone else finds this annoying?



    File 1:
    File 2:




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