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    modify the number of backup frequencies
    Topic posted June 2, 2013 by sharktoothCompetent 
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    modify the number of backup frequencies
    As I saw in the forum, there is no way to edit the number of backup frequencies once the device has been created in wwb6. To modify this, you have to do the process over again; I think though, that it could help to be able to modify it afterwards (under the properties window for example). Indeed when working on a session offline, if you delete your device and start over from a new one, it won't be recognized when connecting it to the gear again.
    Would that be possible please?



    • monty412
      You can always add a device to your current inventory and specify it as a backup frequency. Simply set ACTIVE DEVICES to 0 and then set the BACKUP FREQUENCIES to however many you'd like to calculate. I typically try and calculate only the backup frequencies once the primaries have been done. If I don't get as many as I would like I then try recalculating all the frequencies.


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