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    Michael Calder
    Inventory Report Sort
    Topic posted February 13, 2014 by Michael CalderNovice, tagged how-to 
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    Inventory Report Sort
    Shure Hardware:

    How do I sort the Inventory Report? I've looked everywhere in the program and can't find an answer in the forums.



    • buhmanb

      Currently the Inventory Report viewer (and PDF export) are hard coded to sort by:

      1. Zones, then within each zone:
        1. Group of all "Active Channels"
          1. Model Name 
          2. Band
          3. Channel Name 
          4. Frequency
        2. Group of all "Backup Frequencies"
          1. "Type"  - e.g. Axient, PSM1000, etc.
          2. Band
          3. Frequency

      One way you could accomplish some kind of sorting is to Export the inventory report as "CSV" 

      Then open that ".csv" file in a spreadsheet application, select the desired sections and use the spreadsheet for your custom sorting.

      Yes - it takes some extra work to remove the undesired fields from spreadsheet before sorting, but maybe this can help you short term.

      We'll put in a feature request to be able to sort the reports directly in WWB.


    • Maggus

      that would be a nice feature. Actually I have the same problem with many different kinds of receivers at one single location. sort-options would be fine!


    • johnlandsman

      Sorting of the Report would really be nice.  Simply put, if the formatting followed the Inventory page, that would be enough.  :)


    • roba

      Could the alphabetical sorting of names be extended to recognise numbers please? Currently a list of ten mics numbered 1-10 is sorted:

      Mic 1, Mic 10, Mic 2, ....., Mic 9


    • Dom Eve

      Really need this feature, it seems to sort things seemingly randomly most of the time. If it follows the rules as you say it should sort items of a similar type, model and range purely by frequency. However it does not, which can be frustrating when trying to list frequencies numerically.

    • mikekahrs

      You can write a macro in Excel that takes the CSV file and formats it to your liking. I do it when I export IAS to Excel.  (Easier on a PC)  Then you can sort as you need.   If I can do it you can : )

      I number mics A1, B2, C3, D4...  PITA but it works, for me.


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