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    Option to PRINT Frequency List
    Topic posted January 1, 2012 by patkuBeginner 
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    Option to PRINT Frequency List
    I think it would be great if there were a way to print the Frequency List window.


    • Sam Drazin
      Good news to all: with the release of the newest version of WWB (, you can print a list of your inventory devices (and all deployed backup frequencies) at any time! The feature is called the Inventory Report, and is located in the new Reports menu.

      I hope this helps you. Please let me know how the new feature is working out, and keep this thread alive with any comments/questions you may have.

      Thanks to all of you for your feedback!
    • pauldab
      Used it for the first time yesterday, nice addition.

      I think that an option to print out one zone instead of the whole inventory will help out us where we create plots for touring shows around our in-house gear and I only want to forward the tour their frequency allocation.
    • Laveglia
      Yes please. Printed info must be had in most cases anyway. Please make it easy and flexible
    • Liam135db
      I like the sound of Pauldab's idea here, but being able to select tags or zones as you wouldn't want to use a seperate zone to isolate house gear in many situations.
      but to be able to tag the incoming tours gear and give them an inventory report that only included their freqs would be very useful
    • mikekahrs

      I'm at the Venetian this week with 160+ wireless spread over five floors. I need an inventory list to keep track of my units, and to be able to get the units that were re-deployed back to their starting positions. Sure I can label 160 units, but as the freq is a unique number I can have a room monitor call me on the Nextel with the freq in question and I can easily look it up.

      Right now I am using IAS to choose freqs and print my reports (print preview to a web browser; cut and paste to Excel to create a searchable/sortable document) and an AV cart with G1, H4, J5 and L3 receivers scanning to WWB6 to find the house RF and other issues. I would like to have one program doing all the work instead of two.

      Here's a crappy shot of an IAS report, from the program, not my Excel report.

      MANDALAY H Shure ULX J1 All E811 574.300 Shure ULX M1 Groups WRONG ANTENNAS G8, C1 662.525
      MANDALAY I Shure ULX G3 Groups G1, C15 493.150 Shure ULX G3 Groups G2, C9 494.275
      MANDALAY J - J1 no 5ths, no 3 TX 3rds checked Shure ULX J1 Groups J1 no 5ths, no 3 TX 3rds G10, C18 585.050 Shure ULX J1 All J1 no 5ths, no 3 TX 3rds F436 589.925
      MANDALAY K Shure ULX J1 Groups G1, C18 587.425 Shure ULX J1 Groups STATIC? HIT? G1, C19 588.850
      MANDALAY L NO LAVS YET Shure ULX J1 Groups NO LAV YET BAD HH SWITCH G1, C2 557.425 Shure ULX M1 Groups NO LAV YET G6, C17 692.400
      REEF A Shure SLX H5 Groups G5,C7 531.750
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