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    Option to PRINT Frequency List
    Topic posted January 1, 2012 by patkuBeginner 
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    Option to PRINT Frequency List
    I think it would be great if there were a way to print the Frequency List window.


    • Sam Drazin
      I think it would be great if there were a way to print the Frequency List window.

      What portion of the Frequency List window would be most useful to have a physical copy of?

      The reason I ask is that the Frequency List window will display a live view of the CFL of a Spectrum Manager (if one is online and is managing the frequencies of a specified zone).

      This list, if monitored by a Spectrum Manager, will likely be changing constantly, as backup frequencies are being monitored and interference may be occurring. If you printed the current state of the list, it is likely you'd have an stale version of the truth very quickly.
    • Liam135db
      I would like to add my name to the request to print the frequency list.
      I would probably add that it only makes sense to be able to print it if you are offline from any spectrum Managers.
      The limitation of the coordination report not being accessible once you add more frequencies etc could be avoided if you could print the whole frequency list.

      Although the functionality of the spectrum manager will be highly useful, I think it worth noting that spectrum manager usage will probably be the exception, not the norm, as most employers, rental companies etc will see them as an optional 'toy' and only essential for very large setups, and large Axient deployments. The majority of us mere mortals in 'UHF-R' gigs won't have a spectrum manager. which is why we have to settle with our winradios and working around the intended design!

    • wolfgangbauer

      for big coordinations all over the UHF-Band i need a list, which frequency with which device at which tx-power is in use. (coordinations up to 150 ch, different zones, etc.)
      In this kind of events a change of a frq is only possible by a request adressed to me because I do the coordination for all companies involved in this event and there will be no device in auto-mode which is not in my direct access. So, A printout of the inventory-list would be ok for me with a remark on the axient-devices if they are running in auto mode.

      greetings out of germany and - sorry for my bad english

    • jchristie
      Once again I am on this band wagon. We desperately need a printable report of the complete state of all frequencies logged into inventory and the Backup list.

      For expediency just use the existing template you have for Coordination Report but include all Primary and all Backup numbers.

      Make that first ... Perhaps a new Menu list beside the File Menu "Reports". Under this we will find a list of types of reports to be printed.

      Please ensure that the showfile name and a date and time stamp are included on the printout pages.

      That should be fairly simple and at least help us in the now.

      As we get closer to release date we can come up with a lot more variants and even a custom template that allows for selecting fields, position and sorting options.
    • nparkey
      I would also like to see this feature implemented.

      What portion of the Frequency List window would be most useful to have a physical copy of?

      A list in similar fashion to WWB5 would be perfect:

      Available Frequency Summary


      Band Frequency Group ChannelTransmit Power
      H6 526.775 2 3 30mW
      H6 528.475 3 4 30mW
      H6 530.900 0 4 30mW
    • Donny Koolmees
      For multiple reasons I also would like this printing capability in the next version of WWB6.

      At least for all the Non-auto devices.


    • simonmeadows
      I would like to add my support for this feature request.

      The main use for us would be for non networked devices, specifically those of others.
      It would be very usefull to be able to quickly print a list for a band or company turning up at an event.

      A simple print of the current CFL as illustrated by nparkey would be fine for us.


    • pauldab
      +1 for me please
    • roywelter
      Today I coordinated 46 channels plus backups for a festival. Deployed to 20 channels of UR, hand programmed 8 channels of PSM900, and hand programmed the remaining other non-Shure units. Closed the program, went to lunch. Came back, opened the Show file, and was unable to print a list to provide the client of what's been done, and equally if not more importantly, a list showing which freqs to use as backups.
      This definitely needs a re-design on the print functions- only being able to print after recalculating freqs defeats the purpose of initial freq coord.

      And- out of curiousity- are many on this forum using complete Axient systems, just Spectrum Managers, or only WW6?

    • glasstronomic
      +1 Please and thank you!
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