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    waiting for win 8 update
    Topic posted March 24, 2013 by wyoguy100Beginner 
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    waiting for win 8 update
    is there any info on when the update will happen? for those of us using windows 8 computers and not wanting to revert backward in operating systems or older xp systems that dont have enough power to run the software. when will an update be coming for windows 8? it sucks that i cant make use of the software on the receivers every thing is ready and waiting just need a windows 8 version please



    • Roetheperfect
      I tested in Windows 8 and didn't work because the network selection is empty, I'm using the same machine with various hard drive with dirent tipes of Windows and the software work.
    • kielmoreland
      I just recently installed Wireless Workbench 6 on my Windows 8 machine but whenever I fire up the program, the "Network Selection" dialog box is empty. (I tried loading a screen shot but no dice.)

      I've tried different compatability modes, and exempted the necessary files from being blocked by the Firewall, but still no success.

      Also went into the Programs (x86) folder, ran "snetConfigexe." In this I am able to select my network adapters and configure them, but when I fired up Workbench 6, the network selection box is still empty.

      I'm not sure if this is due to Windows 8 or something else.
    • Jonathan Towers
      Also tried on my windows 8 machine and the software doesn't seem to be able to see the available network connections.

      Again some information on when this will work would be nice, we know you guys are busy but . . .
    • dvaubel
      Just bought a fantasitc new PC. I love Win8 so far. But yes, it would be helpful to know when support for Win8 is coming. Until then, I'll keep lugging an extra old XP laptop around just for that. The humanity! LOL I'm sure they're working it.
    • ksepede
      Any update on this?
    • hautzir
      Hi Kyle,

      The current versions don't suppoer Windows 8 yet. Stay tuned.




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