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    Postal Code Lookup Crashing
    Topic posted March 12, 2014 by wdude777Novice 
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    Postal Code Lookup Crashing
    Personal Computer:
    Macbook Pro 15-inch, OS X 10.9.2, 64bit, Offline Frequency Coordination
    Shure Hardware:
    Wireless Work Bench 6.9.2

    When I am trying to find tv channels to avoid and I use the Postal Code Lookup button its crashes WWB every time. I open the postal code look up window and then I choose a state, under the state drop down tab. There I get a spinning rainbow of death and the program is no longer responding. I have tried multiple times with no success. However if I type in the postal code it will find all the tv channels to avoid with no problem or delay.



    • buhmanb


      What specific data are you looking up?

      Postal Code:

      I agree - the search is taking an unacceptable long time, but there is some kind of caching going on.  (e.g. The first time I lookup it takes VERY long, then a second lookup is much faster.

       If you wait (e.g. 2+ min) does the data eventually get looked up?  

      Getting your exact lookup may help us resolve the issue sooner.




    • sharktooth

      Hi, I experienced the same problem, if you are patient, it ends up to be good, just wait 3-4 min for the rainbow spin to terminate. Would be nice to fix it.


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