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    Import .csv scan files from TTi PSA1302
    Topic posted April 21, 2013 by steveratcliffCompetent, last edited November 15, 2013 by AdminProficient 
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    Import .csv scan files from TTi PSA1302

    Sorry to ask this question again but I haven't found a functional answer. Just received my PSA1302 scanner and can't seem to import scan files into WWB6.6.0.41 on my MBP Unibody i7 2.66GHz OSX 10.7.5

    It has been repeatedly stated by Sam (and others?) that the .csv file needs to be two columns, the first being MHz and the second being dBm. The first column must hold an integer value in relation to kHz. I would interpret this as having no more than three decimal places, though a modified file posted by Sam labeled "Spectrum CSV File-Modified" has between 4 and 6 decimal places on all values. During my troubleshooting I have taken the .csv and removed all unnecessary information from the spreadsheet such as device info, reference values, offsets, etc. I have attempted to scan with different RBWs: 15kHz, 280kHz and 1MHz are the options with this scanner. I have also tried different step sizes, everything from 1kHz (.001 MHz) up to 1MHz. All of this to no avail!

    I've attached a non-functioning scan file (470-698) from the TTi PSA1302. I have modified it to have no scanner information in the file, only the info pertinent to WWB. Error message that I receive is, "This is the wrong type of file. Please select a valid scan file."

    I have a scan file from a PSA1301 (Crystal Springs.csv) that imports just fine into WWB6. It appears the same in Excel: two columns, the first in MHz with between 2 and 4 decimal points, the second in dBm.

    What am I doing wrong? Any thoughts, Sam or advice from other TTi users?



    File 1:
    File 2:


    • azimuth124
      I also had trouble importing from my tti scanner. I solved the problem by zooming all the way out in the coordination window, and scanning the same exact bandwidth as WWB6 uses. I set the tti to scan with 711 as the center frequency, and 482 as the span. Once I did that, it worked without incident. Took me an afternoon to figire it out tho...

      I now use the tti with those settings at 15RBW. I haven't had any problems with the naming of the stored trace. I store it on the removable card, and then put that card into my MBP, and WWB6 imports it from there.

      I hope this helps!

    • simonhiggs
      For anyone wanting to import PSA Series 2 files into WWB 6.9 - 
      These header lines need to be deleted from the Trace File 
      Model Type: PSA1302, 
      Start Frequency: 0550.0000 MHz, 
      Stop Frequency: 0640.0000 MHz, 
      RBW: 15kHz, Video Filter: On, 
      Reference Level: -20dBm, 
      Fixed Offset: Off,-010.0dB, 
      Graticule Scale: 10dB/div, 
      Graticule Shift: 00, 
      I use TextWrangler on the Mac to do this. 
      Also the file extension needs to be lower-case .csv 
      HTH, Simon.
    • ungers

      Thanks for the post Simon it was the *** upper case .CSV that had me stumped!


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