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    MXWANI loses connection to MXWAPT
    Topic posted April 3, 2014 by amstonebergerNovice 
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    MXWANI loses connection to MXWAPT
    Personal Computer:
    Sony VAIO SVS151290X, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Wired Ethernet
    Shure Hardware:
    MXWAPT4, MXWNCS4, MXWANI4, all on current firmware

    The first thing I noticed when working on this system was that when I logged onto the configuration webpage for the MXWANI4, the device's serial number did not display correctly in the information page. Instead of the serial number, it displays ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ. I have a screenshot attached. We ended up having to replace the unit for an unrelated reason, but when the new unit arrived, the serial number displayed the same. Is this faulty hardware/software, or can it be ignored?


    Now for the bigger issue...When the rack that this equipment is in loses power, the connection between the MXWANI4 and the MXWAPT4 gets lost. The strange thing is though that in the configuration page for the MXWAPT4, the MXWANI4 is still under the paired device list. When I turn a microphone on and talk into it, I can see the input signal when logged into the MXWAPT4, but not the MXWANI4. I have to remove the MXWANI4 from the MXWAPT4 configuration and re-add it in order to get audio to pass from the MXWAPT4 to the MXWANI4 again.


    The first MXWANI4 exhibited this behavior, so I, along with the tech I had with me, thought it was a defective unit, but now we are having the same issue with the replacement. Maybe it's an issue with the MXWAPT4 instead of the MXWANI4? Has anyone else experienced this? Is this something that has been acknowledged by the Shure support crew and in the works to be addressed?




    • Gino Sigismondi


      Sorry for the delay in response. If you haven't resolved this issue yet, I suggest you contact Shure Systems Support directly at 847-600-8541.

      In general, problems of this type usually come down to some sort of error in IP addressing. A common mistake with static IPs and MXW is overlooking the fact that APT actually needs two unique addresses - one for control and one for Network Audio (Dante). 

      The odd serial number you are seeing on the ANI is a known issue with first generation units and has since been addressed. It does not affect the functionality of the unit at all. 


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