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    Recommended Equipment Purchase Band
    Topic posted February 17, 2012 by jchristieProficient 
    Recommended Equipment Purchase Band
    Sam, I am regularly asked by clients and sales reps which frequency band they should purchase for their inventory.

    Can we setup a dialog box or wizard off of the Add new device dialog box which allows for a quick calculation by workbench in each of the available bands.

    For example:

    SLX systems might provide the following results ...
    G4 - 8 systems
    G5 - 4 systems
    H5 - 3 systems
    J3 - 7 systems
    L4 - 12 systems

    The user could then have the option to add the band with the best results.

    Calcs should be done at Standard spacing settings.
    This should be either a defeatable check box or nested dialog box as it will require some processing time and is not always a needed feature.

    It is a great sales tool. Reps or tech support personnel can keep client show files for their area or key clients allowing for easy future expansion to their system and less over saturation of frequency bands.

    For that matter eager users who maintain their own frequency management are able to better request the correct products for their needs.
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