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    'RF Mute' Groups
    Topic posted June 3, 2014 by robaBeginner 
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    'RF Mute' Groups

    Made this request a couple of years ago, but I'd like to make it again please because it would be a massive time-saver when frequency planning for festivals: I'd like to be able to assign channels to RF mute groups, so they could be disregarded from a frequency calculation without having to delete them from the inventory.

    As an example of usage, when multiple artists on a multi-act bill are touring their own wireless systems, I want to be able to be able to keep details of every system in the inventory, but only calculate frequencies for systems that would be in use simultaneously. Therefore I want to assign each artist to an RF Mute Group, so I can mute off systems that aren't in use before calculating for those that are.






    • hautzir

      Hi there,


      Thanks for your request.


      Wouldn´t it be doable to manage this by ticking and un-ticking channels you want to calculate frequencies for in the `manage channels` tab in the `frequency coordination` section or would this be too cumbersome?





    • roba

      Hi Ron

      Doesn't unticking a channel just lock the frequency so it's not changed by the calculation, rather than disregarding it? I want the calculation to ignore 'muted' channels, so that other channels that are in use can be allocated frequencies that would otherwise conflict with the unused channels.

      Cheers, Rob

    • roba

      One further thought now that you've mentioned the cumbersome nature of the 'manage channels' tab - I'd like to be able to lock the frequency of a channel, or all frequencies in a zone (or RF mute group) with a single mouse click, in the main inventory window and see a clear indication there that the channel was locked :)


    • hautzir

      Thanks for the comments!


      Got you on the request with mute channels.


      What do you exactly mean with `locking the frequency or group`? What´s the use case of it?


      Thanks for all the comments.



    • roba

      Re locking frequencies, I'd basically like a shortcut in the main inventory window to unticking channels in the 'manage channels' tab. Eg an extra column in the inventory window next to 'Frequency' where a padlock symbol could be toggled on and off. Padlock on = channel unticked in 'manage channels', padlock off = channel ticked in 'manage channels'.

      It'd then be nice if the padlock symbol could be toggled in the zone or group header bar, as a shortcut to locking all frequencies in the zone/group.

      To tie mute groups into this, I'd similarly like to see a further column next to 'Frequency' in the inventory where an RF-mute symbol could be toggled on and off. With the same header-bar functionality as the frequency lock, ie that a whole zone or group could be RF-muted with one click.

      I'd see RF mute groups as components of Zones, btw, ie the heirarchy in the inventory window would be Zone > Group > Channel. Both Zones and Groups would have header bars with the functionality above, so that toggling the lock or mute for a Zone would affect all Groups (and therefore Channels) in the Zone, and toggling for a Group would affect all Channels.



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