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    John Dwyer
    Unable to open database.
    Topic posted June 29, 2014 by John DwyerNovice 
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    Unable to open database.
    Personal Computer:
    Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch, OS X 10.9.2, 64bit, wireless internet
    Shure Hardware:
    Wireless Workbench 6


    I downloaded WWB 6 today and have been unable to open it. I'm running Mac OS 10.9.2.

    The .pkg downloaded and installed just fine, but anytime I open the application it displays "Unable to open database. This is a fatal error..." etc. And references the file CustomSeries.cds in a newly created folder titled Equipment (see attached screenshot).

    I have a feeling I'm missing an obvious step because I couldn't find this error reported anywhere else.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



    • buhmanb

      Hi John, 

      We are having a problem with the new .pkg install process for MacOS distributions of WWB

      When installing on a machine that had not previously been running WWB 6 the installer is creating the  default directory for all of the show files, scans, logs, etc.  ( The path:  ~/Documents/Shure/...  )

      The problem: The installer is creating the directory and file as the "root" username as opposed to the user who installed the application.  Thus when attempting to start the application as the current user WWB fails to open the database.

      We are working on a permanent fix now and it should be available soon.

      As a work-around you can try:

      1. Open a terminal window  ( Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal )

      2. Enter the following command (or copy / paste into the terminal window)

      sudo chown -R $(whoami) ~/Documents/Shure/

      You may be asked to enter your password.  
      The command simply changes the owner of those files back to the current user.

      3. Now attempt to run WWB

      Let me know if that works for you and we'll have a permanent fix for the installer soon.

      Thanks - Brian B. 

    • John Dwyer
      Hi Brian, Thanks for the quick and helpful response. I typed in the command you posted and did indeed have to enter my password, but when I attempted to start WWB, the same issue occurred. However, reading through your notes, I thought I would try changing the permissions for the folder (and contents) from Read Only to Read & Write. Then WWB opened without a fuss. So whether it was the permissions, or the folder ownership needed a moment to update, it's working just fine now. Thanks again!
    • Sam Drazin

      Thanks for giving that a try, John.  

      We are currently testing alternate work-arounds, and will post any we find to this thread.

    • buhmanb

      Note - the terminal command can be very picky about syntax.  I changed the syntax to be simpler.

      For anyone else that needs to use the work-around we recommend copy and paste the following command into a Terminal window:

      sudo chown -R $(whoami) ~/Documents/Shure/



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