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    90210 zip code / available channels
    Topic posted March 31, 2012 by roywelterCompetent 
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    90210 zip code / available channels
    We were looking at UHFR J5 results in zip code 90210. WWB6 calculates 0 channels- ouch. Shure web based Frequency Finder lists 8 channels in group 4. This is because WWB6 incudes channel 40 (KPXM) with no distance listed. Are these both relating to the same data source? Obviously this area requires a scan -love those Spectrum Managers!- rather than postal code importing.
    By the way, here in the Twin Cites (55114) channel 33 is now on the air. Doesn't show up in either format; who should we contact about it being added?



    • buhmanb
      Hi Roy,

      Note that each time WWB6 performs a Postal Code "Search" that the newly found TV exclusions are added to those that were found in previous searches.

      J5 is 578-608,614-638 MHz. which corresponds to TV32-41.

      Based on your mentioning channel 40 (KPXM - a station within 50 miles of the 55114 postal code) with no distance, I think the following may have happened:

      1. A postal code search was made using 55114, which found TV40 at 7.2 mi. (among others) Then Saved.
      2. At some later time, another postal code search of 90210 found TV:32,33,34,35,36,38,39,41,42 (among others)
      3. Note that 40 got carried over from the previous search.
      4. The "Distance" is only shown for the TV stations found from the previous "Search" in relationship to the postal code just searched.
      I'd call that the bug - if the distance to TV40 indicated ~1,500 mi - then you'd know something is fishy
      5. Once this is Saved, the following TV stations will be avoided: 32-41 (among others)

      So there will be no frequencies found for J5.

      If you do NOT want previously added TV stations to be included, then press the "Clear" button before performing the desired Search.

      Regarding new channels - the WWB6 and Shure applications department are constantly gathering the data from the FCC and including it in each release. It would not hurt to post a note to the forum, or send a note to Shure applications. In the meantime you can manually check the station in the TV Channels dialog.

      Shure Applications Engineering
      Telephone: Work(847) 600-8440
      Fax: (847) 600-8444
    • roywelter
      Doh- I should have noticed KPXM was in our backyard! Very important to touch that Clear button when conducting multiple analysis including zip codes.
      Thanks for setting me straight, Brian.


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