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    Andy Porter
    Can't upgrade firmware on UR4D receivers
    Topic posted January 4, 2014 by Andy PorterNovice, tagged WWB 6.8.1 
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    Can't upgrade firmware on UR4D receivers
    Personal Computer:
    HP Envy 4, Windows 8 64-bit, wired ethernet
    Shure Hardware:
    UR4D, just 1 right now but running a show with 11 of these units this week and would like this to work

    I have the latest version of WWB6 installed, and it opens just fine.  I also noticed that the software sees my UR4D receiver so I know my network is good.  my problem is that I can't install WWB5 in order to upgrade the firmware on my unit, my computer just won't open the installer for WWB5.  So as far as I can tell i'm stuck here. Help please



    • Andy Porter

      ok, I figured that problem out....


      Now however, when I click on "check for updates" it say "download failed:not found"


      what now?


    • Gino Sigismondi

      Andy, the reason that "check for updates" is failing is because the servers that WWB5 looks for to find new firmware are no longer available. But that's OK, because the download already comes with firmware version 1.167, which is compatible with WWB6. So just go through the update process shown here:

      Obviously, skip the "Check for Updates" step!

      Hope that helps.


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