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    Offline Co-Ordination
    Topic posted August 21, 2013 by stebuntingNovice 
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    Offline Co-Ordination
    I often work with UHF-R and PSM1000 and like to do an offline co-ordination before getting the equipment online. In this case, I would then like to map the offline devices to the equipment when it comes online. At the moment, I have to copy frequencies and settings into the online devices manually and then delete the offline devices.



    • admin1

      Hi Steve,

      You can accomplish this through a process we call "merging." Essentially, you click and drag an "offline" device to the corresponding "online" device in the Inventory tab. Complete instructions can be found here: Merging Online and Offline Devices

    • mat

      yes, but merging doesn't work very well for me.

      on the offline mode, it would be good to setup IP adresses, then when you go online, WWB6 cold see real hardawre IP, then a pop-up could ask "do you want to merge hardwares with same IP adresses.



    • cooloneba

      I'm trying to deploy a coordination made by someone remote.  I have their file for all 58 devices, and I have my network set up with 58 devices.  Merging via the drag and drop seems horribly inefficient because of the large number of devices....  Is there some way to "lock" the preconfigured show file so that as it discovers connected hardware, it automatically merges it with one of the existing devices?

      I know that there are  a lot of times that this wouldn't work, but if there was an option to do this the first time you connect a coordinated file to the hardware, that would be awesome.

      Also, even doing the drag and drop method isn't easy because the software reorders the Inventory List every time you merge two devices. If you have a small group of things that you are trying to merge picked out and visible in the window, once you merge one, the list reorders itself and goes back to the beginning and you have to go look for whatever you were working on and merge one more set.....


      Thanks for any help you can offer!!


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