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    Tony Denstedt
    SLX Nosie/static
    Topic posted November 9, 2015 by Tony DenstedtNovice, last edited November 9, 2015 
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    SLX Nosie/static
    Personal Computer:
    Shure Hardware:
    SLX2 Beta 58A SLX4 R13 800-820 MHz

    When I first bought this unit it worked fine. Now when in use I get this static like noise when someone is trying to take in to it. I've have changed channels and no help. I have hooked up another SLX unit to my system and it worked fine plus I have tried a wired a SM58 and it was fine. Any ideas?

    Also the power supply buzzes when plugged it, should that be replaced?



    • Crispin Tapia

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