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    UR4-s not connecting...
    Topic posted September 22, 2012 by cameraman_2Novice 
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    UR4-s not connecting...
    I am using 6 ur4-s and 2 ur4-d. The ur4-d's are connection just fine but the ur4-s won't connect at all. They all work fine on workbench 5. I didn't know if this was a bug or left out on accident/purpose.



    • buhmanb
      UR4D and UR4S units are supported by WWB6.

      Make sure all UR4 units are running firmware version 1.166 or greater.

      You must use WWB5 to update the UR4 units first.
      See: http://wirelessworkb...e-update-uhf-r/

      If that doesn't solve the problem, confirm the IP settings on the units, and on the Computer. Since WWB5 is working for you, I expect that the IP Settings are fine, but it is worth checking.
      a. IP Address - all on the same "network" - i.e. 192.168.1.a, 192.168.1.b, etc...
      b. Subnet Mask - is the same on all - i.e.

      Also - do not run WWB5 and WWB6 on the same computer at the same time .

      Hope that helps!
    • Liam135db
      I have found that if there is no fixed IP set or DHCP server, and my Win7 Pro 64 machine assigns itself an auto private IP *169.254.x.x* while the network card says it is connected, neither wwb or Sennheiser WSM can retrieve the IP address and report it as
      I just set static IPs and everything connects fine. Its wierd, but the fact it happens with both bits of software implys its a win 7 thing!

      not sure I explained that well!
      but hopefully makes sense.
    • Rick Waller
      Yes, the easiest solution is to use a Router that has a DHCP server on it. Otherwise, you need to set everything to manual IP addresses, which is a real pain. A router is only $40 and makes things plug and play.


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