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    Topic posted April 1, 2014 by DPlanderNovice 
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    Personal Computer:
    Windows 7 64-bit
    Shure Hardware:
    2k+ Channels of UHF/ULXD/PSM1K/Axient

    Would you please be so kind as to put a quick link button on the Main page of WWB 6 to get to the Update Utility. We have over 2000 channels to update and it would make it just that much faster.


    Second item: Would you allow us to edit multiple units to set them to the same settings (i.e. power lock, button lock, audio levels, IR Presets, Gain, and Sensitivity).

    Thank you



    • buhmanb

      Something that might help your first request:

      The Software Update Utility is a separate utility that can run without WWB6.  You can create a shortcut to the Software Update Utility on your desktop and start it directly from there.  

      I often update 80+ channels worth of gear at the same time.  More than that often results in the PC not keeping up or retries.

      When I need to IR Update many portables I put a thin sheet of cardboard / plastic in between 2 rack units to act as a shelf and to block the IR "cross talk" when performing simultaneous IR Updates.  See the photo.  I setup and update ~10-20 portables at a time.  

      Second item regarding multiple unit edits - Thanks much for the request.

    • Evan Landry

      I think what DPlander means is in monitor --> channel strip --> properties --> IR Presets, if you're assigning the same properties such as gain/sensitivity, frequency/power locks, power level and battery type, to multiple channels, currently you have to go into each channel strip, click properties, click IR presets, and click to set each of the aforementioned settings.  While doing this in Workbench is significantly easier than doing it from the front panel of the receiver, the workflow could still be greatly improved.   If Shure were to develop a feature called Channel Profile or something to that effect, then you could click a profile, and then click any number of tick boxes for example, to assign that profile to any number of channels.  Then it would truly be an "IR Preset," as it is currently misleadingly called.  

    • Reid Wall

      I just use short boom mic stands to hold the mic in place while it does the firmware update....



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