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    Axient receivers aren't discovered
    Topic posted April 6, 2012 by pwcNovice 
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    Axient receivers aren't discovered
    Sam, since downloading WWB 6.3.0, our Axient receivers aren't discovered any longer. The rest of the system (all of which are seen on the network, including the AXT400's) was discovered. This includes the 600, 610, 630, and 900.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 6.3.0, but to no avail. Any thoughts?



    • buhmanb

      Hi Paul,

      Check the version of firmware running on your Axient devices.

      In reference to the 6.3.0 release notes:

      Make sure you have updated the firmware of the Axient devices to 1.8.8.

      Even though WWB 6.3.0 doesn't "discover" the AXT400's running older firmware, the Firmware Manager will discover them and can be used to update to 1.8.8.

      Once you have updated the Axient devices to version 1.8.8 you should see them in WWB 6.3.0.

      Best luck!


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