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    Andy Lauer
    No monitor on several mics
    Topic posted March 20, 2016 by Andy LauerNovice 
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    No monitor on several mics
    Personal Computer:
    Mac lastest IOS X - Wlan Connection 5 GHz (is ok)
    Shure Hardware:
    12x QLXD4 (H51) (Firmware not sure at the Moment)


    I've a Problem in the Monitor section of the WWB6 . When I Show up all my 12 Headsets, only 6 will Show the RF Level, and the AF Level. The Battery Symbol appears, also the model number an frequency, but no both Levels. But I can't found a solution .




    • buhmanb

      Hi Andy, 

      Both of your issues: No monitor on several mics & Problems setting the Name via the Inventory view

      Have the symptoms of something blocking the network traffic from the devices (QLXD4) to WWB.  My recommendation:

      1. Confirm the IP addresses and Subnet Mask are setup correctly on your computer and the devices.  
      They must be in the same network range.  (e.g. 192.168.1.X) 
      They must be using the same Subnet mask (e.g.

      2. Confirm that all firewalls have been turned OFF or have been configured to allow traffic into WWB6.
      Since you're on Mac - check out:

      3. I believe you are using WiFi?  The QLXD metering and responses use IP multicast.  I have seen some cases where WiFi access points are not configured to allow multicast traffic and/or in environments with high WiFi congestion that some access points drop the multicast traffic.  It can depend on the settings and/or manufacturer of the WiFi access point.  See the documentation for your particular WiFi access point.

      You could try choosing a less crowded WiFi channel, or connecting your computer to the network via wired Ethernet to compare results.

      Try those things and let us know.  It may be something else specific to your environment.  In any event we can get it working for you.

      Hope that helps! -Brian


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