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    Sam Drazin
    Enable the System Logger and Access Log Files
    Topic posted November 10, 2011 by Sam DrazinExpert, last edited December 6, 2013 by AdminProficient, tagged how-to 
    Enable the System Logger and Access Log Files


    Wireless Workbench has a System Logger built into the application. If enabled, this logger will run in the background and keep track of any issues that the application runs into. Log files generated by this logger are extremely helpful to our development team in diagnosing a problematic scenario, if one should arise.

    The logger is disabled by default.

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    To access the System Logger's menu, launch Wireless Workbench 6. Hold the Shift key down, and click on the Tools menu. You will notice that a new menu appears (called "Diagnostics"). Within this Diagnostics menu, select "Setup Logger".


    The Logger Setup dialog will be displayed.


    This dialog hosts all available controls to enable and customize how the logger functions.

    To enable the logger, check the check box "Enable Logging Capability".


    There are many other preferences that you may want to set which will control how the logger captures system data. In general, leaving all controls in their default state will record the maximum amount of information available, which is ideal.

    To access the log files, notice the path listed in the field next to "Folder:".


    This is where your log files will be saved automatically. You can change this destination path by using the "..." browse button and selecting a new path.

    Clean Up Old Log Files

    To get rid of old log files that may no longer be useful, use the controls in the bottom of the Logger Setup dialog.


    To remove files created before a certain date/time, select the "Before" radio button, and enter the date/time that you'd like to be the threshold. All log files created before this threshold will be deleted. Select "Start Clean Up".

    To remove all log files, select the "All" radio button. Select "Start Clean Up".

    Save Changes

    Once you have made all desired changes to the logger (including toggling its enabled state), select "Apply" to engage the changes.

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