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    allow 4 decimal places on Manually Entered Frequencies
    Topic posted March 14, 2013 by S2HCompetent, last edited March 14, 2013 
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    allow 4 decimal places on Manually Entered Frequencies
    When I'm Using IAS, I manually add in our Road Radio Frequencies to coordinate around them as well..
    the road radios put out a decent amount of power, and can cause some interference with Audio RF(especially when close to the Transmitters or antenna's)
    Road Radios are designated between 450mhz-470mhz
    and are a 4 decimal place device..(examples:Channel 1 = 461.0375 Mhz....Channel 2 = 466.0625 )

    so I'm asking to add the ability to add in 4 decimal places on a manually enter'd frequency in the Equipment Profiles.



    • Diogo Nunes Pereira

      This would be a great feature in did. Even more since Axient Spectrum Analyser covers the frequency range of most 2-way radios.


    • mikekahrs

      And, it would let one add two xmitters with the same freqs when there's a good reason for doing so, as IAS does.  500.125 and 500.1251, for example.


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